Gene Shill is an Australian saxophonist and record producer that bridges several different musical genres mostly centred around alternative R’n’B and Jazz.

He commenced his career as a session musician and record producer touring internationally before developing a series of sound orientated immersive experiences for Porsche global and Heathcote II; award winging producers of shiraz. He is credited with developing the music behind the Porsche Taycan, using engine sounds to create an aural representation of the car. He also collaborated on the world's first luxury car brand NFT (Non Fungible Token) with Porsche by employing the same approach. "This isn't the first time Shill has applied his musical genius to translate Porsche sounds into music"  - Porsche.

In 2020, he partnered with Heathcote II winery to create and aural representation of their 2017 shiraz. A 'sonic palatte' was derived from the tasting notes that reflects the nuances and characteristics of the wine and presents a new immersive approach to pairing.

A note from Heathcote II. At Heathcote II, we make wines that are very individual and the two of us often have lengthy discussions as we taste wines about the notes and the associations that come to our mind.

There is definitely a rhythm to wine tasting, the aeration, but it is only after we had been approached by Gene that we realised you could actually put that rhythm and the notes to sound. Peder and I are electronic music enthusiasts, so were quite excited about the collaboration. The idea of having that extra sensorial experience when tasting wine really appealed with the music kind of mirroring of the tasting in a different language. Yet, it is only when we first heard the music at the cellar door that we really got it. The ebbs and flows and the varying tempos really complemented the wine in a new and individual way, all while never overpowering the conversations and the ongoing tasting notes debates. The music is streamed via a QR code and is available on all streaming platforms.

Gene graduated with a BA and MA from RMIT University and a PhD in Contemporary Record Production/Intellectual Property from the Conservatory of Music at Griffith University, and is a Senior Industry Fellow in the School of Art at RMIT University, Australia. 

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